Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sneaky peak

This evening I have been mostly painting my face with Christmas looks.  As you can see one more dramatic than the other.  I will be posting the looks, and how to do them over the next couple of days, if you have any requests please let me know people x

Monday, 29 November 2010

Dear Santa...

please could I have the Jemma Kidd pro pointed foundation brush, Shu Uemura cleansing oil, Mac 187 brush and.....

a beautiful Tom Ford lipstick please.

Thanks x

P.S. if I fancy anything else I'll let you know


I can always while away the hours with the many fashion blogs I follow, but I am yet to find another beauty blog, or more specifically a cosmetics blog that I love.  The ones I do find that aren't by "professionals", are just full of glitter and loads of false eyelashes, completely not my style, although there are occasions for both.  You can probably tell by the few photos I have posted on here, I like to be natural.  Does anyone know any decent beauty blogs, that are not all about the glamour?? 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

get me nails did

I really love Sophy Robson's blog, I found it after reading about her in the Times Style mag.  She does a lot of amazing advertising work and catwalk shows.  I know I seem to post a lot of links on here, but I just love how creative her work is, on such a small space.  I have always dibbed in out out of nail polish, but never really got overly excited about it. Recently I have tried to invest a bit more time in caring for my hands and painting my nails too, I have even dabbled in a bit of nail art, thanks to a friend who bought me some jewels from the pound shop, hah!  Needless to say but the BF is not impressed with my bejewelling.

Sophy Robsons has videos online and they are actually quite simple, and I think they look pretty darn good.  Then I saw this kapowww! how cool is that?? Or does everyone else thinking it looks a bit rubbish?? I can't get the stuff anywhere.  When I couldn't find it, I decided to buy a lovely festive green colour by Barry M instead called "Racing Green" slightly dissapointed with the unchristmassy name though.  Here is a collection of my nail polishes.  Quite a lot really, for someone who isn't that bothered.

Should I be ashamed to say that some of them are years old, especially the Chanel ones, back from when I worked the counter.  Amazingly they haven't dried out or gone gloopy, unlike the Nails Inc shades that seemed to be gloopy on the first use, not impressed.  Here are my favourites....

The OPI purple didn't have a name, but I have been using the OPI Rapid Dry Topcoat, which seems to make even the Tesco (cough) ones stay on longer.  If I do any more bedazzling I will take some pics, for your bedazzlement. 

Saturday, 20 November 2010

as the title suggests

I love SEPHORA, wish we had one over here.  Happened upon one in Paris after I parted with one euro to nip to the poshest loo ever.  Thank god for my weak bladder in this instance.  This Sephora was jam packed though.  I have heard a lot of good things about Make Up Forever, but living in the North East of England sometimes means you are on the other side of the world when it comes to good make up shops.  I think the closest supplier of Make up Forever is London, I know I know we live in the 21st century and there is this wonderful thing called the internet, but I have never played with the textures or colours before.  So in Paris here was my chance.  I found this highly pigmented liquid/cream blusher called HD Blush Microfinish cream blush in Light Peach. 
I went for a kind of peachy colour for a change, as I seem to go for the pinks all the time.  You know what I love it, you need a tiny tiny bit and it goes miles, I have started applying it with the Daniel Sandler Water Colour brush, normally I would just apply it with my fingers but it with the blush it blends super quick which you need before it dries. 
You wouldn't believe but in real life I had piled the blusher on, sorry the pic doesn't do the blush justice.  This is what I really love about the blusher, totally natural, just what I like.

I first picked up on this brand with the blog inmykit.com.  I was really tempted to buy a foundation, but went for the blusher (hmmmm theres a suprise).  This is certainly won't be my last purchase from Make up Forever.

I am a massive fan of Lisa Eldridge and her tutorials, when I got back from France there was a video on how to apply some of my favourie blushers including my newest blusher!!! I love the colour she has gone for, so vibrant and it really does pop!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Gay Paris

In October I made my first ever trip to Paris, yes at the grand old age of 27 I had never been.  It was only for a couple of nights at the end of five days in the french countryside.  I have always wanted to go to Paris, and looking at the street photography blogs just made me want to go all the more.  However when I got there after an hour long train journey on a double decker train (sad, but so clever I loved it) the weather was just so miserable, and it just got worse and worse.  There was even thunder and lightning, I was completely underwhelmed.  To top it off I even kicked some dog poo, which to be fair did make me laugh and my friend too.   I just didn't get it.  I don't know whether I am a bit bias towards Spain, because of how much I love Barcelona, or whether it was the weather or the fact that the french were striking (which really didn't affect us at all) I just felt really dissapointed by the whole place.  Here is a pic of my sad sad face, note the stylish any size gloves I had to buy because my fingers were soooo cold.

However dissapointed I was feeling I did find time to do a spot of make up shopping in Sephora and Galeries Lafayette.  The whole time I was in there I could not stop thinking about Lafayette from True Blood (don't get me started, love it).....anyhow I decided that I needed to buy a bright pink lipstick, easy huh??? Nope not at all, after visiting nearly all the counters in the "gallery" I was starting to feel a bit dissapointed.  The pinks were either too light, not enough pigment when they were applied or full of glitter, not for me.  I meandered past the Christian Dior counter where the most beautiful sales assistant tried to help, I liked her even more when I explained that I sometimes have trouble with some colours making my teeth look yellow, which she completely understood and "agreed" that she had that problem too,hah!!!  I don't care if she was trying to make a sale!! (it didn't work in the end a man rudely interupted us and took her for himself) so I then moved off to Shu Uemera where I found this....

I don't really class myself as a girly girl, but I love this.  When I took photos of this colour on my lips it didn't do it justice, but you can see how pink it is on the tissue.  It feels so soft when you apply the colour straight from the bullet, much nicer than other lipsticks I have used.  I haven't really timed how long it stays on but I don't care about reapplying when it feels so nice, there is no dried out feeling at all.  Will probably wearing this colour to the many many Christmas parties I have in my social calender, along with a Barry M dazzle dust in an irridescent silver, and loads of black mascara.  If I decide to leave the house I will post some pics. 

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

getting my finger out

So its been pretty close to seven months since my fingers tinkered across the keyboard and created a post.  I won't bore you with what I haven't been doing in the past months, because even thinking about it stifles a yawn on my side.  To be honest I had almost forgot that I actually had a blog until I read a really interesting article by Jennine Jacob of the coveted here I really enjoying reading articles that Jennine puts together.

I originally started blogging because I was jobless and wanted a bit of routine to my day.  I think I am definitely one of life's procrastinators, because an hour can sometimes pass and I still have not moved from the comfort of my sofa, and so the weeks have now become seven months.  Plus one comment from the BF "done any blogs on your day off recently" made me leap in to action and immediately think what can I write about. So if you can stay with me a little longer a make up related with be making its way to you in a a fast and furious way.