Tuesday, 23 February 2010

time flies by

Today I am in a pretty reflective mood, this time last year I was attempting to live in Barcelona with my BF how different my life would have been if it had all worked out, and do you know what  made me remember it?  My moisturiser - Dr Nick Lowe Super-Charged SPF15 Day Cream I first bought it when I was moving to Barcelona, making sure it had an spf in it to protect my face against the sun, even though it was going to be February when I arrived.  Now I know whenever I apply that cream it will remind me of standing in our flat and being full of excitement and nerves. 

I had been using a superdrug moisturiser because I was skint, this also had an spf but because it was my birthday the other week my parents bought me Dr Nick Lowe's cream, and you can just feel the difference in quality between the two, but its what you should expect when there is a price difference of about £12!!! 

Whats sad about my time in Barca is I have very few photographs of  me there NOT sporting a moustache......

Hot or what?  I think if you look past the fact I haven't waxed in a while my skin looks in pretty good shape.  Already I am noticing a difference and its only been about two weeks, plus using the Jolene you can hardly notice the tash. 

My friend was saying to me the other day how strange I looked with long hair and at the mo, because I change my mind constantly I really dont like it.  I think I am going to blame the rubbish hair on Barca water, my bonce is used to the perfumed atmosphere of teesside!

Keeping a theme going look at these hairy ladies stylebubble.co.uk I kinda like it!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I like make up....but only a lil' bit honest

I was bored the other night and I decided to go through my make up and see what needed throwing out and what I needed to buy.........when I say needed I really mean WANT!

I was surprised by the results so I thought I would tell you what I have in my make up bag.

*29 single eye shadows
*8 eye shadow palettes
*9 mascaras (including some itty bitty ones)
*6 lipsalves (my favourite ever lip balm is a Bolivian Vaseline called "Vaselina" I can't bring myself to use it)
*25 blushers (I was sooooo shocked when I counted these and my fav is defo that illamasqua cream one I have talked about on here)
*12 eye liner pencils
*10 lipsticks (I think I really need more lipsticks I love them so much more than gloss at the moment)
*5 lipliners
*17 lipglosses (see if I love lipstick why have I got more lipglosses)
*1 lipstick/gloss palette
*2 primers
*8 concealers (I went through a lot of these babies and I have defo settled for Laura Mercia for blemishes and Bobbi Brown for under eye)
*5 foundations (I seem to always go back to Lily Lilo mineral foundation, sometimes I can be such a grease monster this stuff works well for me  and its so easy to apply on a morning)
*3 powders

excessive what do you think?