Wednesday, 15 December 2010

You gotta' love a bargain

Last weekend, me and the BF decided to head to York to get all Christmassy.  It turned out the be the worst shopping day ever, but I did manage to spend one english pound on a GOSH high shine top coat (courtesy of the pound shop), you know I think it might be a pound well spent.  I decided I would paint my nails with Nails Inc Monmouth Street, a colour I have had for ages over the top of OPI's nail envy, and then the GOSH top coat.  This was on Sunday evening and its still doing really well, see for yourself.....

There is slight wearage, but I think my nails look pretty good.  Here is a picture of the tools.......

So get running down to that pound shop before I grab them all.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Merry Pinkmas

Here is the other Christmas look, using my Shue Uemura hot pink as the main focus. 

*I applied Barry M Dazzle Dust in number 9 and then buffed it in with Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream. 

*Using Benefits Bad Girl black eyeliner I drew a line close to my upper lash line, and then smudged with the brush I used to apply my dazzle dust.  I did this about three times, and then applied the eyeliner to my waterline.

*I curled my eyelashes and applied about 2-3 layers of mascara (Maybelline Collossol).

*I then babywiped my face to get rid of any glitter that might have emigrated south and applied a little My Face foundation and a little concealer.  I applied a little loose powder (Chanel).

*I applied a pink Daniel Sandler watercolour blusher, mentioned in an earlier post to the apples of my cheeks. 

*Using the Shu Uemra lipstick in (vivid hot pink) I applied it straight from the bullet and then topped it off with Yves Saint Laurent lip gloss, (the name has been rubbed off!!)

That is it, a very quick easy party look, if you wanted it even more PARTY apply some false eyelashes.

Sloth eye

Hi everyone, I have had an allergic reaction to one of the eyeshadows I have used in my Christmas look videos, ow!!  I think its some shimmer I used, see my body rejects any form of glitter, here is a picture I took the day after.

awww poor Sloth.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ginger nut

Here is a pic of the new hair....
I love it, I just hope I don't hate the regrowth.

Friday, 3 December 2010

wish me luck

I have been going steadily grey since I was about 16.  Just about the time, I started to appreciate having red hair.  I have only dyed my hair once in that whole time and that was by accident, yes I am that rubbish when it comes to hair, I won't embarass myself with the details. It did end up looking really nice but that was about four years ago.  I have always been scared by the permanance of hair dye and the fact I am a complete control freak, and don't know the exact colour that my hair will be.  However, this Saturday I have decided to take the plunge and get dyed.  I have always wanted Karen Elson's hair colour.

However, I have been informed that it will make me look washed out *sad face* so I am thinking of going a Joan from Mad Men, slightly  more orangey...

heres hoping my hair will go the colour I want it too.  I have decided to take the plunge because I am thinking about growing my hair back in the new year, so if I don't like it, I can cut it out!!  So fingers crossed it turns out alright, otherwise you may not see me for a while.  I hope I don't chicken out cluck cluck xx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Red and green should never be seen..... unless its CHRISTMAS!

I was just browsing through vogue online when I came across a photograph of the Christian Dior Spring summer 2010 collection and was immediately drawn to this photo..

and thought do you know what that would make a great Christmas look, if I added a more christmassy green with a slight bit of shimmer (please note, NOT GLITTER) these are the products I used:

*I started by applying Elizabeth Arden eyelid primer (I have the condition of greasy eyelids), if you don't have one just apply loose face powder. 

*Then I applied the BB Navajo all over my eyelid right up to my eyebrow, make sure its all blended in.

*Using Mac Humid Frost I applied this to my eyelid until you could see the colour just above my eyesocket.  To check this I stared straight into the mirror (sounds obvious but don't look up (like myspace) or down (double chin effect).

*Make sure that the green is very round and soft around the eyes, no eighties winged look here.  I don't know if I am just a mucky pup but I had a baby wipe to clean up underneath my eyes.

*I then used the BB gel liner and with a really thin brush applied a very delicate flicked line.  You need to keep the eye really clean underneath so no shadow or liner there.

*Then curl your lashes and apply a few layers of a volumising mascara (not to the bottom) I used Maybelline colossal (I hated it at first but after loads of compliments on my eyelashes I have grown to love it, I think it gets better the longer it is open)

*Now apply your chosen foundation, mine was the myface (which I love) nice and light and conceal.

*I then shaded my eyebrows in using Hot Stone, I was quite heavy handed here.

*Using a nice red, using your finger press the colour on to your lips, I didn't want it to look too perfect.  With the remainder of the lipstick on my finger I applied this to my cheeks, to stop myself looking washed out.

*A tiny covering of pressed powder and its done. 

Cue dramatic shadowed potrait