Sunday, 20 March 2011

The white line

I have always wanted a fuller mouth, sometimes I think I can look quite severe because of a lack of plumpness.  When I received my Vogue this month there was a striking picture of Kate Winslet on the front. The first thing I noticed was the white line drawn on her cupids bow. 

I love the 1920's style lip and this added to the pointedness of the the top lip, so I decided to give it a try.  I was curious to see if it would improve my lack of top lip.  


Foundations applied, then pink lip liner, and white eyeliner applied in as thin line as possible.  I used Gwen Stefani as my inspiration for this look.  Sad thing is I think this was the noughties not the nineties!!!

The finished look. I used Estee Lauders  Pure Colour Crystal Pink, my favourite natural look lipstick.  I'm not sure this gives me loads of plumpness, but I think the severness is nowhere near as bad.  I think I would give it a go in the "real" world as long as I had blended the white really well.    

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