Monday, 21 February 2011


Just over a week ago I went off to Amsterdam with the BF.  It was my  birthday the Wednesday before, and this year instead of being a grump I decided I was going to enjoy my birthday,and enjoy it I did.  (Along with illness this is why I have been so lax in posting!)  We were also there for Valentines day.  I had never been before and I loved it, loved the architecture, and loved the people, so friendly.  So for the first time in years I let myself enjoy my birthday, how could I not when I got these gorgeous pwessies...?

A gorgeous Leighton Denny Desirables kit, the colours from left to right are; Indulgence, Berry Nice, Supermodel, Lolly Pop, Leading Lilac and last but not least the product in the clear bottle is Miracle Drops (helps speed up your drying time).  Also I gave myself a pedicure with Berry Nice and it has only just chipped after two weeks, pretty good or what?

The colours below from left to right are; Barry M Nail Effects (someone reads my blog), Barry M Blueberry, 17 Matte top coat (amazingly weird) and 17 lasting fix nail polish in Toasted Almond. 

The bottom tub is Lancome's Youth Activating Eye Concentrate, and its gorgeous, apparently very expensive.  I have a very generous Bro, so don't need to worry about the price until it runs out!! Heres a close up -

So I did pretty well.  Thanks, you  know who you are x

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