Sunday, 27 February 2011

The first rule of make up club is never..

I expressed my love of Helena Bonham Carter a few posts ago, and I have decided to do a make up look inspired by the character she plays in Fight Club, Marla Singer.  I was going to go Planet of the Apes, but not too workable!!

Here is a run down of the products I used:

Laura Mercier -gemstone, chocolate garnet (mineral eye shadow)
Benefit - Bad Girl black eyeliner and Hoola bronzer
Bobbi Brown - mahogany eyeshadow
No 7 - moisture drench lipstick in highland mist
Dermacolour camouflage mini palette
YSL - Singular mascara in black (review to follow)
you will also need your fingers!

*I applied gemstone all over my lid up to my brow.  Everything is applied as rubbishly as possible. Using the chocolate garnet this was applied to just above my socket and down, this was pressed on and then blended out.  I then rubbed this under my eye using my little finger and blended downwards.
*I then drew a really rough black line with Bad Girl and blended until it was very smudged and not really noticeable.  This was then used on my waterline.
*Powdered my eyebrows in with Mahogany, and then using my fingers rubbed the colour to blend.
*As much as Marla has her yellowy foundation caked on, I decided to apply my moisturiser and while it was still tacky, apply a palish concealer where needed.  Then powdered everywhere, this look needs to be as matte as possible.
*Using my new YSL mascara, I applied two coats as roughly as possible, and didn't care where I hit. 
*My cheek bones aren't as defined as Helenas, so using Hoola bronzer shaded mine in.
*Lipstick was applied from the tube, and then rubbed in all over.  I did this twice.

Do you like my mood lighting below?

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